Jimmy Matlosz


Jim Matlosz Cinematographer

Jimmy Matlosz is a Cinematographer, who has an organic style all his own, and a great reputation for his onset demeanor and artistry.  He has shot 100's of commercials with an incredibly broad variety of styles for clients such as: Nike, United Airlines, Sprint, Chevy, Ford, Adidas, New Balance, Budweiser, Miller, McDonalds and Burger King to name a few.  Jimmy has the distinction of being comfortable and skilled in many disciplines of cinematography, from comedy and dialogue spots, to sports, VFX and even tabletop.

Jimmy has won various awards for his work over the years.  Two awards for Best Cinematography for the film 'Oedipus', which premiered at Sundance.  He also lensed the stop motion sequence for an episode of My Name is Earl, 'Robbed a Stoner Blind' with Christian Slater.  He is know for his seamless pioneering High Speed cinematography in both film and digital cameras and he is world renown for his knowledge of the art form.  Jimmy lensed the first ever IMAX student film, The Princess and The Pea, for Director Curtis Linton and the IMAX film, Manatee, the Forgotten Mermaid for Director Mark Merrall.  He has shot several short films, and music videos as well as numerous documentary's including, Who Killed The Electric Car? and Better Living Through Circuitry.

 Jimmy is also a published writer for several trade magazines and publications, Chairman of The Emerging Cinematographers Awards, and a consultant for various disciplines in cinematography for fellow filmmakers, as well as Arri, Dolby Labs and Panasonic.

 Jimmy likes Mountain biking, road cycling and snowboarding, he also enjoys the culinary arts, and is currently working on a cookbook of his own concoctions.