Woodwalk Directors/DPS Lifestyle / Docu / Real People Woodwalk is composed of Will Anderson and David Gwynn. We are Will and David, freshman-year college roommates who’ve been working together ever since. We value authenticity and intimacy in our work and are at home when connecting, observing, and working with real people. We strive to operate where the inside is driving the outside; where the people and emotions involved help to inspire the images. We think the best stories are found, not written. Something we think about a lot is: why? For what reason? How come? What will the effect be? What will be remembered - what will remain? Woodwalk’s why is not to just impress with images or to give viewers something trivial; it’s to move and delight, to incite feeling and spur action. It’s to work with companies who are aware of their impact in the world, and want to make it better. Perhaps that’s our youth speaking, we think it’s just common sense. We worked with the Duke Cancer Institute in North Carolina to craft a piece revolving around a 30 year old breast cancer patient named Lori, embedding with her and her family as they underwent the journey to remission. We also collaborated with MTV on a documentary, visiting seven college campuses across the nation to capture the lives of modern college students. We have worked on bringing stories to life for a variety of different organizations including tech companies, apparel brands, as well as non-profits and hospitals. Aesthetically, we are aiming for documentary-style shooting - the camera work reflecting our interest in capturing real things. Though the specifics will change based on the situation, we’ll always try to maintain an organic feel. Soft lighting, real reactions, motivated movement; we strive to reveal hefty ideas through humble moments. We approach our work as an agile duo who like to stay light on our feet in a manner that gives subjects room to breathe. Together we’ve found that Woodwalk sees the world through a certain set of glasses. One whose lenses are ground by our upbringing, our millennial age and our disposition. When looked through, the world appears a bit more human, and real. Perhaps some will think the same as we do.